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   Think Swiss Annuities Are Safe?       
                Think again!

For countless decades the Swiss Banking and Insurance industry has celebrated a sparkling and sterling image. But that image has recently been severely tarnished and badly shattered? Discover the startling and unsavory dilema of my true story.

What is an annuity?
An insurance company issued annuity is a financial investment that creates some retirement security as the policy matures, and as designed, is structured to return monthly retirement payments to the holder or designated heirs over a period of time as described at the policy’s conception. Annuity Insurance policy funds may be borrowed against, and can be fully redeemable by the policy holder as sated within.
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                A Safe Investment?
That was a simple given as initially agreed. As time passed all was in order, or at least it appeared to be.
But, during the coarse of my active policy maturing period, a Swiss administrator contacted myself and arranged a meeting with me here in the U.S. I was quite impressed that my policy investment of $70,000 was important enough that a high ranking member (V.P.) of the management company would travel to the United States to confer with myself regarding my policy.
The Bait & Switch:
Out of sheer curiosity I agreed to meet with the insurance companies (CapitalLiban) Swiss Representative, and following lengthy discussion, was prompted to change my  supposedly outdated standard annuity policy to a multi-asset policy configuration that would be of greater value with greater financial yield at maturity. I was compassionately assured that this change was a safe and sane direction, and the accompanying literature supplied by my Swiss  Rep. boasted of its Asset Protection and Swiss Safety Guarantees. With the reputation and strength that Swiss investments enjoyed, I felt quite assured this was a safe and protected upgraded move.

All seemed in order after this change of policy occurred. And, as the years passed and the policy matured as intended to allocate monthly payments to myself upon retirement at age 72, nothing seemed out of order. After all, as a disabled veteran needing some favorable return, it’s a basic insurance investment providing a typical return on investment at a given age for income supplement.

Troubling signals:
However, approaching policy maturity, 3-4 years ago, I began receiving strange messages from a new policy administration management team.

Enter this new Swiss Financial Group POM (Portfolio Management Team Ltd.), or personally referred to as POMM, the (Portfolio Mis-Management Team Ltd).

Suspicion begins to surface:
As several months passed, I became more and more suspicious of POM as reports of wrong doing within the management team itself surfaced. In addition more disturbing signals arose from various Swiss financial sources that all was not well within this new management group.
After several stressful communications with POMM, I began feeling they exhibited a lack of client concern, one that made me quite suspicious of their competency and integrity.

A frightful decision:
At this point I had a lot at stake over the many years of accumulated financial maturity with my annuity retirement supplement. However, I felt that it would be prudent to surrender my Swiss policy and invest in something more manageable and closer to home. 

My decision prompted anger within the POM Mis-Management group and they soon ordered me to immediately return my original policy before they would consider returning my full investment. I immediately complied, and without any benefit of interest nor dividends distribution from my lengthy monetary pledge, that of which I entered into in good faith and trust. I unfortunately uncovered a scheme of many years in the making as they operated with my money without any compensation to myself whatsoever.

What a shocker:
During my lengthy wait time to be fully reimbursed, I received communications from the POM Mis-Management Team that they would no longer represent me since I surrendered my policy and they were now waiving any responsible nor help for recovering any financial transactions between us. This was a shocker to say the least. 

Eventually, after several more long months, POMM contacted me and asked for my bank acct., and routing number. Shortly afterwards, I received a bank notice that a deposit was recorded I my account from a Swiss Bank. I was overjoyed only to discover that only one-half of my investment had been returned, and without any accounting of the remaining balance, nor interest or dividends for 13 years use of my investment money. 

It became quite clear:
Since it’s now obvious that this policy change was a flawed strategy and largely responsible for providing me with a sense of false security and safety while prompting me into a questionable and destructive policy. We all know the scheme as Bait & Switch that they now claim was not safe and sane as boldly stated in their multi-asset policy literature.

The fraud, theft, and co-conspiracy:
For instance, POM’s recent 2012 refusal to honor my request to disclose and inform me of where my remaining funds (appox. $40,000) were being held, and refusal to fulfill my 2012, & 2013 request for mandatory disclosure of these funds for IRS tax reporting purposes triggering an IRS non-compliance situation for myself.

This alone is self-incrimination of the conspiracy that the POM Mis-Management and theft Team has been engaged in for several years now. And, all the while claiming my remaining funds were non-liquidable. This non-liquid fraud has spanned several years and has taken my retirement investment and rendered this occasion as a dilemma instead of a welcomed return on investment.
After many years of receiving fictitious end-of-year financial statements from POM describing my  investment in full, I no longer receive statements and they claim the balance due of my remaining money has disappeared, and vanished.

Were my investment funds lost in bad investments or were they just appropriated by members of the Swiss cartel? There has never been an accounting of these mis-appropriated funds offered by POM to date.

Others are involved:
My policy has transferred within several banks and Insurance companies since inception. And, now after all this time I’m casually informed half my investment has evaporated in thin air while all along playing and baiting me into belief all is well and my retirement is in place and safe. So far I’ve been able to determine that multiple Swiss companies are party to this overreaching theft of client funds. And, my investment has been well masked and well hidden under the veil of deceit, lies, phony financial statements, half-truths, a possible criminal co-conspiracy, and now possibly embezzlement of client funds.
I want to hear your story:
If you have been victimized in the same or similar manor, please contact me by email at ......

I am at this time seeking help identifying a Swiss Govt. Regulatory Agency to file a criminal complaint with, or possible a class action law-suit may be in order if others will step forward. This theft will not go unnoticed, and I encourage anyone that has similar harm to please republish my true story throughout the internet and internationally to anyone and everyone in the worldwide investment, financial, private, or business sector to alert their clients, family and friends of these developing wrong doings, and or possible criminal activities.

If you seek a safe investment haven, keep it within your borders as there is little safety from beyond. Especially not Switzerland with the recent Swiss Banking scandal regarding money laundering and Ponzi activity.

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