Friday, September 24, 2010

The "Deadly Teat on American’s Retirement"

While our nation's eyes are focused on Iraq and Afghanistan, Congress launches a hidden assault right here in the United States homeland...  Targeting your IRAs and 401(k)s.
This assault on hard working Americans will overshadow the cost of our conflicts overseas -- in fact, it could rob struggling Americans of as much as $6.3 trillion virtually overnight.  Sounds similar to what happened to our Social Security piggy bank, where zealous politicians stole our money and replaced it with worthless IOU’s.
That $6.3 trillion in privately held money that could literally be confiscated from the retirement savings of 78 million  American citizens like you, would fund failed, and pork programs that our  misplaced government leaders have adopted. In actuality, making the already strapped American workers responsible for replacing the trillions they've squandered on worthless policy.

Prescription frenzy

It's a little alarming that the swarm of prescription drugs being advertised in the media carry such warnings labels as, "May cause shortness of breath, stroke, heart attack, choking, and liver damage." "Ask your doctor if these readily prescribed poison drugs are right for you?" Are you kidding??
Americans are so hooked on prescription drugs that seem to carry side effects that are more dangerous than the symptoms they are designed to relieve. We are slowly being led off a steep cliff, and are victims of a culture that advocates treatment as opposed to cure. I wonder if money as anything to do with this misbalanced madness?