Monday, December 27, 2010

Alarming theft reports of call phones growing.

Mounting police reports warn that cell phone, I-pod, and all portable e-devices are experiencing a heightened degree of theft. Thieves are even desperately snatching cell phones and small hand-held e-devices right out of users hands, and running off.  Simply leaving your e-device on the table of a restaurant or on a check-in counter can spell disaster these days. Chasing after a snatch-and-run thief is not recommended as they may be armed, or have associates nearby.

Stolen cell phones such as "smart phones" can be sold on the black market for upwards of $200-$300 each in many cases. Along with your phone goes scads of stored personal information as well. This is an unsustainable loss for many, and may have devastating security consequences as well. 

Many devices have optional apps. available that may be able to track a stolen device. Check with the dealer for such security options. Of course such protection won't do much good if you don't take some action prior to such a theft.
Better yet, be advised, and don't make yourself an Easy Target.