Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's called The Pink Stinker™

You’re all alone in a darkening parking lot. There is a ominous figure approaching you as you frightenly fumble for your car keys.
He’s getting closer, and all kinds of fearful thoughts are racing through your mind. You reach into your purse and grab onto your Pink Stinker pepper spray.

You now feel a calming sense overcome you ……….  You have a very effective non-lethal weapon at your command, at your very fingertips. You’re safe, and you’re armed with a proven self-defense-weapon of maximum strength formula, same as law enforcement personnel use with great success. You completely relax as the figure passes, but knowing you could have defended yourself is an amazing comforting feeling. It's a product mfg. in the USA

Hot Pink 'em™ is a maximum strength, hot pepper defense spray with a visible pink skin dye assailant marker. Using a visible hot pink skin dye in a personal safety spray "makes it difficult for an assailant to evade detection and deny involvement in foul play"™ 

What a terrific equalizer for anyone. To find a great deal (up to 37% discount)  Go to: http://www.shoppersvalue.net    and click on home & living from the categories column on right, and click security under the home & living choices.  

Traveling by air with a pet?

Many airlines have imposed new restrictions for passengers with pets. Most airlines now will only book you with your pet on non-stop flights.
This way you have less chance of having your pet put on the wrong connecting flight.
Remember that the temp. on the tarmac can get to extremes if the flight is delayed, and the temp. at heights that airlines fly is usually 40-50 degrees below zero. Cargo holds, where pets located, are heated providing the equipment is functioning properly.
It’s a good idea to leave food or snacks, and a non-spill container of water in the transport carrier, or a simple baggie with ice cubes if nothing else is available.
Check with your air carrier for all restrictions way before your travel date to make preparations well prior to departure.  

Bed Bug Summit

Bed bug infestation has become a major problem in the U.S. to the extent that a nation wide summit, hosted in Chicago is under way. The east coast seems to have the worst problem on record. No one knows for sure why the flair-up, but New York City has been noted as the most infected city, and Ohio, the most infected state. Bed bugs feed on human blood, and just the thought of them being in your home, your bed……………….oooh my!

Is college cost effective?

The number crunchers may be indicating that the cost of a college education (up 25% from 2000) may not be worth it.  With the cost of tuition for a 4 year public college at $56 thousand, and a private college is $140 thousand, it’s no wonder there is a huge demand for student loans.  However, student loans have a high default rate, and harsh collection rules are intimidating. And, default can stifle your career and credit rating right from the get-go. There is a staggering $840 billion, that’s billion with a B., in student loans at present. College graduates do however make more money in the long run, but struggle after graduation with pay-back even though unemployment rates for grads. is only 5%.