Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Would you surrender your Facebook/Twitter passwords to get a job?

Job interviews used to mean handing over your resume. But these days, some prospective employers are asking applicants to hand over their Facebook and Twitter passwords, so they can scrutinize what their potential employees are really doing online. What could be next, colleges, military, police etc.?  
CBS reports on this issue….

Is this legal?
For broader spectrum details into the legalities of such, Fox News, (with a  large contingent of their news team sporting a legal background), presents some interesting and revealing commentary on the subject that will ultimately affect you. Learn how to protect your 4th Amendment Rights with some free-legal-pointers regarding this hot-button issue. 
FOX reports on this issue…..

You have a lot to lose from unprotected internet use. With social media security, identity theft, and personal account hacking taking center stage with ever increasing personal assaults, it’s prudent to learn how to easily create some formidable firewalls to help insure your internet integrity. 

Enhanced Online Security Has Become Mandatory!
Last year identity thieves stole $18 billion from unprotected americans, and are now hacking into, and looting our personal bank accounts. Do not become a victim. There are measures you can install now. You must protect your online integrity at all cost.
Doing nothing can easily become a disaster that you could have prevented.
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