Monday, October 18, 2010

Health officials warn that your cell phone can make you sick.

In view of the upcoming cold and flu season, health officials warn that your digital devices can carry some serious germ infestation. Viruses, and bacteria are easily transferred from everything you touch, and then putting a germ laden cell phone or similar device up to your ears and face is a recipe for a visit to the doctor.

Also, the many things you touch with your fingers can become contaminated, and the germs are spread to everything that you and everyone else handles in short order. A rule of thumb however, is not to put your hands or fingers to you face, nose or eyes, and transfer those germs to your most vulnerable areas. Worst offenders are keyboards, touch screens, copy machines, and especially your cell phones, and any other hand held electronic devices.

Washing your hands regularly, or carrying antiseptic handy wipes will help a lot. Use wipes to clean your work area also. Wash your hands with soap and warm water. Wash them thoroughly for at least 15 seconds.

Also, there are special cleaners to clean your electronic devices, you can wipe them down with special wipes you can buy at an electronics store.
Alcohol works quite well too, and is an inexpensive substitute.