Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Resume Tips:

You’ll likely not get hired based solely on you résumé. However, since it’s main purpose is to help you gain an interview, let’s fine tune it to better highlight your assets, and include a quick-link contact to you.

· Your email address, and phone number should be noticeably positioned.
(If a possible employer has to search for your contact information they may instead move on to the next applicant. Place both in plain sight near the top.)

· Make your email address a live link.
(So a prospective employer may email you with just one click.)

· Write a keyword-rich résumé.
(Quite often now a computer will scam your résumé before a person does . Pertinent key words make it more likely to be tagged to go on for personal review. If the significant keywords you carefully choose reflect the industries and positions your are targeting, your chances improve dramatically.)

· Include a live link to your Linkedin profile.
(A Linkedin profile is a must in a professional job search, so if you fall into this category, you should update your profile and strategically position your Linkedin live link at the top of your résumé. )

· Keep you résumé to one page if possible.
(It’s easier to review your skills and history upon a single page document. However, it’s not written in stone that such is necessarily best if kept short, so if you have a lengthy history, include it in compressed presentation featuring your strongest assets that pertain to your target position.)

· Feature achievements, not responsibilities.
(Most job assignments require the same responsibilities be maintained by all employees. However, if you can site that you are better at managing job assignments by specifying past achievements be sure to highlight them, and you will certainly give yourself a competitive edge.)

· Include just highlights. 
(Highlight honors, training sessions completed, conferences attended, and any others achievements worth mentioning. Your past endeavors may be lengthy, however it’s best to simply highlight the most meaningful to your particular targeted position. Your résumé should not become an autobiography of your entire life’s work history.)

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