Saturday, October 9, 2010

You're Hired!

When applying for a job in today’s tight job market, or preparing for an interview, don’t look old on you resume, or at your interview.
That is, make yourself appear young in your skills , enthusiasm, and willingness to start at the bottom if necessary. Dress for success at any interview you are fortunate to acquire, but don’t overdue it. List your skills geared for today’s job market; those that you can boast within the job category you are applying, and no need to list prior jobs beyond the last 10 years unless there is a beneficial reason to do so.

If you are unemployed, or underemployed, use this spare time opportunity to hone your skills, such as retraining, reeducation, or possibly offer to work for free for a period, as a quick way to learn new job skills. These extra efforts will surely make you more employable.

Remember, not to look uninterested, or lack enthusiasm on any job interview, and smile a lot while trying to connect with your interviewer.
It’s tough out there, so give it you best effort, and it will yield rewards.