Saturday, November 5, 2011


LAWS of ATTRACTION. Your online photo speaks volumes about you. It’s your one and only chance to make a first impression. Here’s some tips:

In a world where we’re all connected, you have one chance to be viewed in a way that is complementary to your future online persona.
And remember, the Human Resources Dept. for that job you’re hoping to land is likely conducting background checks within your online identity. With that in mind consider also that all others will also judge you by your online actions, photos, and statements.
We are a society where appearance is the key to success whether it’s social or business based.

1.    Never post nude, intoxicated, or weird photos of yourself.

2.     Don’t post a logo or symbol as your online identity. A    
         complementary photo with good body language is a definite 
         advantage. It’s estimated that you’ll get 7 times as many views    
         with a warm smile, and a well framed photo.

3.    Social sites are just that. You are appearing before your peers. You will ultimately be judged by your online image.

4.    Keep your primary photo exclusively of just yourself. People want to see you. Do not distract viewers with cluttered photos. Your accompanying photo gallery is where you may post photos posing with friends and others.

5.    Remember, it’s all about YOU! So put on a happy face,
strike a great pose, and overwhelm them with your charm.
You’ll be ultimately recompensed for your effort.