Sunday, October 3, 2010

Water buyer's beware!

Bottled water averages more than $1.50 per bottle. That’s 1,900 times the price of tap water.
It seems that the stuff of life supports a recent trend away from the plastic throw-away bottle that‘s been clogging land fills. Enter the “new in-thing”…. a carry along hard plastic, or the trendy metal refillable bottle filled with that good old stand-by, tap water.
However, the International Bottled Water Association is not going to allow their once trendy beverage to fall from grace without a tough fight. So, they created “Bottled Water Matters,” a trendy Web site, and YouTube channel, that is oh so cleverly disguised as a “way-cool” resurgent movement to make you crave the return of bottled water.
The truth of it all is that the promo. is just a front for the throw-away bottled water industry in it's desperate attempt to lead you back to their cash cow. And, before you actually catch on to the fact that you’re paying 1,900 more times for water that is in most cases, just plain tap water to begin with.
And, there is much less regulation connected with bottled water unlike city municipal water supplies that are required to adhere to much stricter standards then that the bottled water industry.
Besides, plastic throw-away bottles are made from such chemicals as  BPA, and phthalates that can leach from the bottle during normal consumption, and reuse of these bottles can magnify the amount of dangerous chemicals that leach out. The concern is that these chemicals are suspect in connection with: brain damage, obesity, altered immune system, gender and abnormal sex behavior, prostate cell stimulation, and altered sperm production abnormalities.