Wednesday, March 9, 2011

How to b e a better lover!

The secret to being a great lover is not always a matter of knowing erotic techniques in bed. It's more about developing an attitude of openness and curiosity--and making a commitment to keeping  passion alive. Here's how to be a better lover…..

1. Show appreciation to your partner for any accomplished worthy event, or even praise a non-glaqmorous achievement.

2. Pay Attention: Call during the day. Make their day better. Praise an event, make them a cup of coffee, etc.

3. Be Adventurous: Talk about and share experiences, take a impromptu trip, or share an adventure together.

4. Plan Closeness:  Planning doesn't necessarily mean just about sex. Plan things to do together that will bring on  pleasure, and will likely lead to impromptu sexual engagement. Sometimes the best sex is not planned.

5. Touching: Touching is the most powerful way to connect. The more you touch, the more you'll want each other. Stimulate the senses.

6. Avoid Psychic Sex: Talk with your partner about what turns them on, and focus on these turn-ons. Dim lights, snuggling.

7. Kiss Creatively: Remember the old song lyrics "It's in his kiss." Break the norm. pattern. Make it wild & passionate.

8. Stimulate the Senses: Engage all your senses. Smell, hearing, touch, taste, and sight., change lighting. Get creative!

Mainly, make it a fun adventurous, and get totally in to one another.  The sparks will surely fly!

The FDIC has more financial institutions on its "Problem Bank" list than at any point in recent memory.

The FDIC has more financial institutions on its "Problem Bank" list than at any point in recent memory. Based on data from the fourth quarter 2010, 884 banks are in the danger zone. That means roughly one bank in 12 is in hot water.
The good news, insofar as there is any, is that banking failures likely peaked last year. The bad news, however, is that it probably will take another four or five years to cull the herd and rid the financial system of its weakest members. Ongoing failures should eventually bring the number of banks on the Naughty List down to the 125-150 range, where it has been historically.  Full story at: