Friday, January 21, 2011

Conducting personal business on your smart phone? Safe guards everyone desperately needs to know.

Today’s smart phones and other e-devices are basically mini computers full of your most sensitive information.

It’s important that you be fully aware of this, and that your information stored within, is constantly under attack by hackers. A breech of  your network, could create untold devastation for you.

On-line banking for instance, poses one of the greatest threats for obvious reasons. You’re especially vulnerable when using a WiFi network that can be easily hacked and intercepted by savvy criminals.  Having a secure network with proper filters is your best defense.

Also, be wary of free apps. you download from the internet. Some may just  be encrypted with spy-ware that can ruin your financial, and personal goals. Use only apps from a reputable source. Cyber security is an ongoing problem that should always be of concern to you

If you’re not sure how to set up better security on your own devices, speak to your dealer for technical support.

It’s much more prudent to be safe than sorry.