Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here’s a great find...chemical free spring water. Find a spring in your area.

Simple pure water is a hard thing to find these days. It’s no secret that municipalities fluoridate, and chlorinate our local drinking water supplies.  And, it has become a well known fact that chlorine, and fluoride are toxic and never intended for human consumption.
However, in order to make our drinking water aquifers safe from bacteria, pollutants, and pathogens etc., these chemicals are added for our so called protection. But, are they really protecting us, or are they adding another dangerous equation to the complexity that nature never intended.

The argument from government is that the levels of these purifying toxins is so low that they pose no threat. My issue is that may be true for the short term, but what are the health affects after years of ingesting these so called low miniscule levels?

So here’s a great find….
Natural spring water, untouched by human progression is a terrific find, and a source of untold pure stimulant. To find a source of Natural Spring Water near you go to: