Monday, September 27, 2010

Wiretapping the Internet!

Proposed legislation to wiretap the internet is being considered by the Obama administration, and conceivably lead to their randomly listening-in to all forms of electronic personal communications. That ‘s likely to eventually include wiretaps on your very own cell phones, home phones, text messages, internet visits,…you name it.

Forget about arming yourself with “Spyware Software”, simply because Big Brother ‘s proposing to mandate all software makers build in an electronic bug, a-doorway, a-window into your private life that they may secretly open at their convenience, and listen-in to whatever they may choose of your most personal conversations.
All these additional assaults upon our Constitutional Rights are allegedly to protect us, and combat terrorism. I hope your not secretly thinking that the Fed. would possibly abuse this new found power. Are you?? Actually, you may want to consider not to randomly disclose those personal views by electronic means in the near future. 

The legislation would require internet communications services, including email and social networking sites, to have the technical capability to provide relevant Federal agency with Users' private information.

If passed, the proposed legislation would force communication and social networking sites such as Facebook and Skype to unscramble encrypted messages and provide wiretaps, The New York Times reported.

The White House plans to submit the proposed legislation to Congress next year.

Security officials claim the new measures are needed as criminals and terrorists have increasingly turned to the internet for communication.

James Dempsey of the Center for Democracy and Technology, an internet policy group, said, "They basically want to turn back the clock and make internet services function the way that the telephone system used to function."

Some experts believe the new measures would make the technology more vulnerable to hackers, the paper said.

Many western governments have been increasingly preparing the grounds to infringe on their citizens' right to privacy.

The March Toward One World Government

 Congressional Democrats and the Barack Obama administration are actively working to subject the United States to the dictates of the United Nations and are accelerating the march toward One World Government. Recent speeches and actions by administration officials, key Obama appointments and pending legislation all point toward this conclusion. Are you ready to forfeit your liberties and fall under world rule from a corrupt, and unruly organization?? We are like sheep being led off the cliff for slaughter since our leaders know what’s best for us.

Yet Hillary Clinton; certainly under Obama’s direction, is obviously agreeing to the policy as she continues to endorse and aid U.N. policies to relinquish our freedoms. The U.N. has endorsed the abolition of our 2nd amendment rights and that's just the tip of the iceberg with your Sec. of State dictating you future under  foreign rule. This has been her agenda for some time now. Americans beware!