Monday, September 20, 2010


FDA claims that farm raised salmon eggs are being genitically mated with those of ocean carp which reproduce with great vigor to make the slamon mimic this reproductive trait. The benefits are obvious, but what about the risks?
There are claims that GM (genetically modified) foods are suspect to being foreign to the human body’s metabolism function, and therefore may not be safe. Testing continues, however the FDA recently stated that suppliers are not required to disclose if GM has been used in the development of any given consumable.
Additional concerns are that GM salmon could escape to local waters and litteraly infect/contaminate the entire species. Corn is especially suspect of large scale GM.
Is man made disaster looming here??

OctoMom-Mama Mia!

With 14 hungry mouths to feed, OctoMom Nyadia Suleman confesses she is almost broke with only 1 weeks funds left going forward.  That seems almost incredible since she won a workman's comp. suite dating back to 1999 for $40,000, and collected $170,000 in disability payments for chronic back pain in 2003, and 2008. That's over $200,000 folks. 
Who gets those sort of huge settlements???……….Nyadia's attorney. What a guy!

Teen obesity

A study in the Journal of Pediatrics reports that many young people are resorting to weight-loss-surgery. Study suggests it’s becoming more popular among overweight teens. However, is this adult trend safe for them?

Many diseases that are associated with excess weight, i.e., diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, etc. are showing up with more regularity in young abusers.
Treating the problem while young may create a better awareness, and better monitoring of bad eating habits in young adults, that hopefully they'll carry along into maturity.

Paris in Vegas

Convicted felon Paris Hilton, gets sentenced to probation and treatment by Las Vegas judge for her latest cocaine possession  bust. This sentence is reported to be the norm for this first offense in Las Vegas, Nevada.  But even for felons??
Makes one wonder if non-celebrities, with a felony conviction, would have received the same sentence? As they say in the military, “rank has it’s privilige."