Saturday, September 25, 2010

Contageous doggie yawn

by Dr. Donna Spector
 We have all been a "victim" of the contagious yawn…but did you know that dogs catch the "yawning bug" from people also? Researchers from the University of London have recently shown for the first time that dogs can "catch" our yawns, too! This involuntary reaction, triggered by watching someone else yawn, had previously only been observed amongst humans and chimps. A researcher suggested that this may indicate that dogs possess the rudimentary capacity for understanding behavior and emotions. Contagious yawns or not…if you are a dog owner you know they are able to understand your every thought and feeling! Nonetheless , the research is cool! In this study 29 dogs (including Labs, Dobermans, and Yorkies) watched a person yawn and it caused 72% of the dogs to do the same. When the dogs watched a person just open their mouth, none of the dogs yawned in response.

You'll never smile again……..

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Prescription take back program

Cleaning up your home medicine cabinet and getting rid of unused prescription drugs has sparked a nationwide effort to help safely dispose of dangerous lingering meds. Many people unthinkingly allow unused prescriptions to accumulate, and it's become a convenient source of  drug supply for children and young adults of all ages.  Flushing them is dangerous for the environment, so the effort is well worth participating in. Many local police, and fire stations are participating nationwide. A few simple phone calls will surely direct you to a disposal site close to home. You'll be participating in the war on drugs, and you may just save the future, or the life of someone you love. It's a win-win effort for all.