Sunday, September 26, 2010

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For years we’ve consistently replaced butter with margarine. We were told by the powers that be that margarine was healthier. But growing evidence may prove that theory to be false. Remember, butter is a natural derived food that by it’s own nature, supports better health. While margarine is a processed food derived from polyunsaturated oils. So, unless your doctor advises you to use margarine for health concerns, go ahead and use the real thing. Just don’t go overboard, and moderation is always in style.  

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The Face that created Facebook

At only age 26, Mark Zuckenberg is touted to be worth $3 billion. His brain child creation Facebook, a well known social networking site, has according to Zuckerberg, passed the 500 million-user mark. He’s making news of another kind by his announcement of a $100 million donation to the public schools of Newark, New Jersey Friday on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."  
That in itself attests to the fact that he claims he never really cared about money. It's never been a big part about why he did anything.  Could the fact that the newly released move "The Social Network," a movie that portrays the 26-year-old billionaire as a social misfit with few friends have anything to do with it? Regardless, it's a fabulous and patriotic gesture Mark.