Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nutrasweet and Equal, masquerading as a safe double for sugar

Nutrasweet and Equal, (aka Monsanto’s Aspartame) a dangerous chemical sugar substitute masquerading as a safe double for sugar, is all to carelessly used in many diet sugar-free foods and drink. Implying that this form of sweet poison is better for your health and your weight, while in reality, nothing could be further from the truth, and is a blatant criminal offense being perpetrated upon unsuspecting consumers. 

This continuing chemical assault on our health throughout our food-supply may explain why this nation is alarmingly riddled in degenerative diseases, including cancer, now in epidemic dimensions. The facts are that many dangerous additives to our food supply are being employed without our knowledge, and hidden and covered-up by our government and medical industry, who wallow in the financial rewards of sick desperate Americans reduced to disappointing dangerous radiation and chemo-therapy(chemical) cures. 

Reports of Aspartame being classified as a carcinogen are difficult to uncover now, and a cover-up of the facts must be assumed.

Govt. intervention (aka Donald Rumsfeld, former Secy. of Defense) a major investor in Monsanto’s dangerous chemical Aspartame, was able to side-step the FDA’s initial rejection of this dangerous chemical. Aspartame (aka Nutrasweet and Equal) has since been unleashed upon the American population as if it were a safe and tested pixie dust.

Read bout Rumsfeld’s criminal role in getting this poison approved within our food supply…

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